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Have we met?? (Start here 🙂)

Read to me!

I’m not sure you and I have been properly introduced, so let me just start by welcoming you here and saying THANK YOU 😊

When I became a dietitian 10 years ago, I never knew I would be here. But since then, having lived more of my adult life with concussions than without, this is maybe where I am meant to be.

So what is it I do?


Being a part of the TBI community I hear your struggles:

“Should I take supplements or try a diet?…

I’m too nauseous to eat… 

I have no energy to cook…

Recipes hurts my brain…

Grocery stores are overstimulating…

My IBS is worse and no one takes me seriously…

I eat my emotions…

I don’t feel good in my body…

I just don’t want to be like this anymore…”

I’ve personally had ~6 concussions. I’ve been lost in the healthcare system & disregarded by others who don’t get it. And when it comes to nutrition I’ve been frustrated, disheartened and at other times kind of angry to see biased & inconsiderate nutrition advice.

So I started this practice and I’m doing this work.

To help my fellow survivors I aim to:

  • Use my personal TBI experience to inform how I work while knowing that no two brain injuries are the same. I have to help you find what specifically works for YOU
  • Think outside the box: nutrition is not just about nutrients. It’s looking at you as a whole person so that everything about food, the planning, preparing, the actual eating, the connection with others & culture can all be therapeutic in some way
  • Accessibility of info: My website & articles are offered in written & AUDIO
  • Be creative: recovery can feel like a chore but food & nutrition can absolutely be fun 😀
  • Advocate for social justice: better understand & take down the systemic biases I’ve come up with as well as the inequities that exist in my field of work & TBI

Here on this webpage, I hope it gives you some great facts on TBI nutrition issues like appetite problems, emotional eating, IBS & more. But I also hope that everything I put out here helps YOU to find YOUR food & nutrition story — bringing the human aspect back to food & eating! Offering more than just the nutrients, but compassion when it comes to food & nutrition ♥️

If you want a humble guide along your nutrition journey, and want to take it that one step further, I also offer personalized nutrition coaching and a TBI NUTRITION MASTERCLASS (getting the whole picture plus resources you can use for a lifetime of happy healthy brain nutrition 😊). I constantly bring more to my work with my clients to help them make sense of their food issues when I get the impression others have just shrugged it off saying “it’s just the tbi” 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

So welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself as well — feel free to send an email or go to my contact info to set up a free call with me.

I am happy to virtually meet you 😊

Krystal Merrells

Registered Dietitian

Concussion Survivor