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The Nervous System, Yoga, and Healthcare for Concussion with The Yoga MD

You do not want to miss this! I spoke with Shailla Vaidya (aka, the Yoga MD) about our own concussion experiences as both healthcare providers and PCS warriors.

Shailla is a Medical Doctor in Ontario, Canada. She is also a lifelong yogi and teaches with yoga therapy. She combines the science of Western Medicine with the Eastern Mind-Body practice of Yoga, She helps you understand your physiology, your natural responses, and how you can recover from the effects of stress & concussion.

In this interview we talk about soooooo many cool things:

  • What’s going on with the nervous system post trauma and what that looks like in recovery
  • The importance of preserving culture to support health
  • The true root of mindfulness
  • What is ayurveda and how that applies to food & health
  • Yoga and science
  • How the healthcare system needs to change to truly support us post TBI!

Find out more about Shailla and her unique work in healthcare here:



Facebook: @theYogaMD

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