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Pesto Roasted Fish & Veg

Cooking with a concussion… now there’s potential for a comedy sketch 😜

I was so humbled during my own concussion recoveries (plural) to discover that I could no longer follow a recipe!

Yes, I’m a dietitian and yes, I have a plethora of cookbooks and vast experience making up meals on the spot with random ingredients…

But cooking with PCS was a whole new ball game. There were new rules and new skills I had to practice.

Cooking once again became doable and healing once I accepted that. And so, I try to create recipes for my clients that can do the same!

Here are the bones of one recipe I’ve been working on. It not only looks like a fiesta on your plate, but has a lot of great brain supporting nutrients too:


👉 1 small zucchini

👉 1 small eggplant

👉 1 big bell pepper

👉 1 pint grape tomatoes

👉 4 Tbsp pesto

👉 Oil

👉 White fish (ex. Cod)

👉 Pasta

1️⃣ Chop all the veggies and toss with half the pesto and a bit of oil

2️⃣ Spread veggies on baking sheet. Add fish and coat the fish with remaining pesto

3️⃣ Place baking sheet in the oven, 375F for ~15 min (until the fish flesh is flakey!)

4️⃣ Cook the pasta then toss with the roasted veggies & fish

5️⃣ Optional to top with crumbled feta and lemon juice

This recipe does require some brain energy as there’s chopping and watching a timer involved.

Looking for more recipes & cooking tips for TBI?

If you’re looking for simpler recipes, or just more brain-friendly cooking ideas, and if you’d like someone to help guide you back to meal planning and prepping, then why not check out my TBI Nutrition Program?

I’ve helped other TBI survivors like you go from not being able to decide what to eat & completely relying on others to meal plan and cook, to getting back in the kitchen, having a plan, and choosing what to eat that’s good for their brain without confusion or breakdowns!

You can get a free intro to the TBI Nutrition Program HERE.

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Best in brain health,