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Nutrition for Brain Injury Needs a Makeover (Published article!)


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Read below post to me:

I am stoked to see this article on TBI nutrition finally published 😃

The Canadian Society of Nutrition Management reached out to me to write this piece. They wanted an article on how nutrition can impact brain injury recovery.

They came across my blog and thought I would be a great person to write this!

And I gave them something they weren’t expecting, in a wonderful way …

You know how when you go to your appointments, there are some health providers who really just don’t get it…

Maybe you feel like you have to re-explain your story over and over and over again…

Or feel like you have to try and convince them that what you’re experiencing is real…

I hear this a lot from other TBI survivors and concussion warriors.

In fact, one of the things my clients really like about working with me is that I have had multiple concussions…

Not that anyone likes hearing that another person has to deal with this misery!

But I get it.

You don’t have to prove your pain to me.

I wrote this article to help other healthcare providers understand what it’s like…

And how popular nutrition advice misses the mark…

Because it often completely ignores the lived experience of a person living with a brain injury.

I have already had one reader reach out to me. This TBI survivor wanted to tell me that this article helped them realize they are NOT crazy about their TBI experience…

That what they are dealing with is real. 

This magazine is directed towards nutrition managers.

The article I wrote helps illuminate some key areas that need to be considered when working with people with TBI, regardless of a person’s profession within healthcare.

I titled the article:

Nutrition for brain injury needs a makeover: a shift in perspective from a brain injured dietitian

It made the cover!

So go read it and share it with your team!

CLICK HERE to get it

I truly hope this helps more concussion warriors & TBI survivors get access to the proper nutrition professionals they need to move forward in their recovery 😊

Krystal Merrells, RD