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Ready to build confidence?

Communication in Healthcare Workshops

Did university prepare you to actually transform the lives of your patients and clients??

You know the science, the prescriptions, and the protocols you’ve seen work best in your field.


Connecting with your clients & colleagues, voicing your thoughts, navigating your appointment time and actually moving your client to action is a whole other set of skills.

I know this from my work as a dietitian in brain injury rehab. And I’ve become such a better practitioner since I’ve applied theatre-based skills to my work.

“I’m walking away feeling great and I have a bunch of new tools to help me better support my clients.”

Past workshop participant

That’s why I offer workshops that combine the art & science of a theatre-based modality in healthcare.

Communication in Healthcare Workshops

Tailored to your team, each one offers:

✔️ A serious confidence boost going into your next client session or team meeting

✔️ Tried and true exercises to up your communication skills either face-to-face or speaking to your audience virtually

✔️ A super fun experience to connect with colleagues and build better working relationships

✔️ A break from the mundane to nerd out on the science of theatre-based exercises in healthcare

Workshop offerings:

Confident Client Coaching Skills

A deeper dive into communicating and collaborating with clients. Improve client satisfaction and trust. Help clients move past barriers, find motivation and engage in your sessions.

Participants will learn to:

✔️ Connect with clients to confidently navigate appointments

✔️ Advance a conversation and collaborate with clients and team members for better outcomes

✔️ Use creative problem-solving to roll with unexpected outcomes, silence, failure, and change

Speaking Up

In meetings, online or on social media, it can be hard to voice opinions and make statements. Get comfortable crafting messages that connect with your audience and share your valuable insight with your team. Say what you want to say and truly let the words fall out!

Participants will learn to:

✔️ Speak to their audience authentically, online or in a team meeting

✔️ Present information that connects

✔️ Make statements that get to the heart of the issue

Teaming Together

Collaboration and communication create trust and value in the workplace, which makes for happier teams and staff. Great for teams that have new staff as well as teams that work in silos or feel a separation between levels of management.

Participants will learn to:

✔️ Contribute new ideas and build on others to move projects forward

✔️ Communicate issues and find creative solutions

✔️ Collaborate effectively to reduce errors while improving resourcefulness

Finding Joy in your Work

The most fun mental health break that will lower anxiety and elevate your mood. Did you know theatre-based workshops like these are showing significant improvements in wellbeing and proactivity in health professional careers?? Bye-bye burnout.

Participants will:

✔️ Shake off stress

✔️ Create memories that will deepen workplace relationships

✔️ Find solace in their stories and the stories of their colleagues

✔️ Laugh…a lot 😉


It starts with a call. Book your phone or video call here:

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“You should emphasize how FUN it is in the description.”

This is a very simple solution to communication problems in healthcare AND it’s a heck of a good time! So let’s get started. Use the calendar below to schedule a call with me to learn more about the awesome workshop I can put together for your team:

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