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Sport Nutrition

for Your Young Athlete

You have the power to give them healthy foods

& a healthy mindset towards nutrition

For parents, teachers & coaches

Sugar? Carbs? Vegetarian? Vegan? Protein? Fat?

As a parent or coach, you worry your young athlete isn’t getting enough of or the right types of food. You struggle to find the best foods & snacks for hectic training & competition schedules. You hear about alternative diets and wonder if these are right for your athlete.

As sport dietitians, we see injuries & mental health problems as a result of misguided nutrition. Performance suffers and young athletes grow up wandering down an unhealthy path. We have a better way to look at diet in sport that focuses on including instead of excluding foods.

How do you know your competitive youth is properly fuelling both body & mind?

Do you have conversations with your athlete about sport nutrition & health choices?

Do you want sport nutrition for your team, but don’t have the funds to hire an expert?

Parents, teachers & coaches


We are giving you the tools to be your team’s own nutrition support

From this webinar you will get:

  • A guide to feeding the young athlete for practices & competition with grocery tips plus meal & snack recipes for families short on time.
  • A tool to help you identify nutrition problems and what to do to support better performance & health.
  • Information on alternative diets & sport, and how to decide what is right for your athlete.
  • Tips to raise young athletes into pros who have skills and positive attitudes around food, to stay on the healthy path into adulthood.

Two for the price of one!

This webinar is being delivered by two dietitians driven to improve health for body & mind.

Alison Friesen

Alison has a desire to provide honest and authentic nutrition support and services. She has a strong athletic background, growing up competing in athletics, soccer and volleyball. She is a Consultant for the Sport Medicine & Science Council of Saskatchewan, working with a large range of athletes. Clients include Canadian Sport Center athletes, Canadian Para-Olympic athletes, NHL, WHL and a range of other hockey athletes, SK Provincial Teams, University athletes and club teams of various sports around Saskatoon and SK. Alison specializes in the areas of sport nutrition, disordered eating and fertility. She is now also the producer and host of her very own Podcast, The Warrior, where she dives deep into the untold stories of professional athletes, who inspire us and give us some tangible tips we can use to overcome our barriers to health, wellness and high performance.

Krystal Merrells

With my own long history of Prolonged Concussion Symptoms, it is my mission to improve your quality of life through nutrition for the brain & mind. I became interested in sport nutrition through my own training and traveling for rock climbing, a sport I have loved since the moment I pulled on my first handhold at age 16. I developed inspiration to further work with youth & families working at CHEO and with a number of youth sports teams in soccer, rock climbing and hockey. I love creating engaging workshops that don’t just educate, but also entertain! I weave in storytelling for a unique experience, taking the nutrition science and transforming it into tales we can all tell.

Sport Nutrition for your young athlete

You have the power to give them healthy foods

& a healthy mindset towards nutrition

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