Insights for Health Providers: Nutrition for Concussion & TBI

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Step 1:

Enjoy the replay either by WATCHING or LISTENING. It is not crucial to watch the screen. The audio alone is a good guide.

*Disclaimer: this is for information only and does not replace working with a trained dietitian.

Step 2:

How to refer plus some additional resources you can share with your clients:

Refer to a dietitian specialized in concussion & TBI:

TBI Nutrition Program (my online program)

  • This is a non-diet approach, open to anyone who is struggling with concussion, brain injury, or caregivers (anywhere in the world!)
  • I do “Tele-Help” calls with clients before signing them on to ensure it’s a good fit
  • More info can be found HERE and Tele-Help calls can be booked HERE.

Motor Vehicle Collision referrals

  • This is for those who have insurance coverage in ONTARIO, CANADA for motor vehicle collisions
  • Referrals can be sent to Aimee Hayes & Associates at

Other ways to find a dietitian

Dietitians of Canada

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (US)


Articles & resources

Here are some of the articles and resources I mentioned during the webinar:


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Best in brain health!!

Krystal Merrells, Registered Dietitian (Ontario, Canada)