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Onsite presentations
and online webinars.

Choose from one of the off-the-shelf workshops below.

Contact Krystal to customize a workshop to your unique goals.

An essential. This workshop includes:

  • 5 lessons about food and health I have learned as a dietitian
  • an interactive presentation
  • handout on actionable steps you can take to be healthier now
  • free tool for meaningful habit change

Your employees will learn about:

  • a healthy relationship with body weight and food
  • positive talk around diet for a compassionate culture
  • what influences food choices and how to work with it
  • the different types of hunger

Your employees will walk away with:

  • a starter plan for healthy habit change
  • important lessons that help navigate health in a complex environment
  • healthy messages that also benefit kids, that help build healthy communities and that challenge stigmas that harm our health

My favourite program to facilitate for meaningful change.

This is a program I helped pilot and evaluate in community health. It’s from a program known as Empowerment-Based Self-Management Support Group. It has been shown in research to improve blood test results, self-efficacy and self-care in people with diabetes.

When it comes to preventing and managing any chronic illness, one-time health education is not enough to cope with a lifetime of that illness. Health gains are not often maintained without ongoing follow-up. This 8-week program offers this for all employees who are looking to make a healthy change and stay healthy.

  • person-centred: this program focuses on the challenges to a healthy lifestyle your employees experience as they are happening.
  • problem-solving: systematic problem-solving is learned to deal with challenges as they arise.
  • expert knowledge: the facilitator provides evidence-based information on the food and nutrition topics that are most relevant to the group at that moment.
  • evaluated: evaluation tools are used to show your employees their progress throughout the program.


To book a workshop or set up one that is tailor made to your group, contact me:

Tel: 613.324.7734